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A Turkey Held Hostage

I’m wondering if holiday sharing is a common phenomenon among married couples. My husband and I have, since we married in 1986, traded Thanksgivings back and forth between our respective families. Both of our families maintained strong holiday traditions. Both expected their children to continue to participate after marriage. Allowances were made once grandchildren entered […]

London Calling!!!

Gathering some family and friends for the opening of the Olympics friday night! Here’s what’s on the menu Assortment of English cheeses Shepherds Pie Salad Eton Mess Now, for the drinks…Pimms Cup? Gin and Tonic? Can’t wait for the opening ceremonies!

Local Food

Why do I eat local, sustainable, organic food? I’ve been asked this question countless times. I eat local, sustainable, organic food because I believe in diverse, decentralized food systems. I would rather support an American farmer than a farmer in another country. I would rather keep my dollars in the local economy. I eat whole, […]

The Plight of the Family Farm

Each week, 330 farmers leave their homes, lose their farms, have to quit their lifestyle because of hardship and competition with factory farms. Support the family farm. Support sustainable living and local foods. Watch this video by Chipotle called “Abandoned”

Making It Last

Peaches in Bourbon Vanilla Syrup, a la Martha Stewart, garlic confit, and roasted tomatoes! I have french cantaloupes in the garden and figs beckoning to be made into jam. The weather is turning slightly cool and I need to get up to Stuckey Farm for Honey Crisps & Macintosh’s. I’d really like to learn more […]

Hitting Home

So, I’m standing in my kitchen staring at my skillet, flipping pancakes–a familiar scene on a Saturday or Sunday morning. My daughter had hosted a bunch of kids to an all night movie-thon after her very last prom. And in the morning I, per usual, feed any and all warm bodies in my house. I […]

More Americans Buying Organic Food

Retailers report organics up 8% last year in spite of recession. Farmers markets grow by 15%. Hmmm…. looks like we’re voting with our dollars after all.

Thanksgiving Menu

This year’s line-up, at my house. I prepped a little each day, over 3 days, so that I could enjoy my family and friends on the big day. Boned (I keep wanting to say de-boned) my first turkey — and subsequently added a boning knife to my Christmas wishlist, would have made the process quicker, […]

Bourdain & Ripert

I had such a wonderful evening tonight. I went out to dinner with my brother, Edward, something I don’t get to do very often. We dined at Naked Tchopstix in Broad Ripple. While I’ve been there several times, this was his first and he deferred to me (flattery) and I ordered a nice bottle of […]

Ideagora’s and Food

In my professional life I consult and teach marketing technologies. One of the books I frequently require as reading is a book called “Wikinomics” which lays out the groundwork for the second generation of the internet, otherwise known as Web 2.0 and some of the early concepts and players in that revolution. One of the […]